Incidental Rowan Fazed Tweed

Spring/Summer season is around the corner and we all are waiting for the new Rowan designs and the new yarns for the next season. But in fact we are in January and – although the sun is shining – winter may stay here for another few weeks.

Fazed Tweed is an interesting new Rowan yarn due to its construction. Actually it is a net (6% polyamide) – forming a tube – which has a core of an alpaca (22%) – wool (72%) blend.

The supporting brochure shows 16 designs for women by Marie Wallin in jewel like colours.

Well first I was not sure about this yarn. But I decided to knit a snood. So I created Gamma, a snood showing cables crossing diamonds in different sizes, also shaped by cables.

It is easy to knit with this yarn, although I was first afraid to constantly catch the net outside with the tip of my needle. Well I wasn’t.

Fazed Tweed is producing a soft and vibrant garment. It is fluffy and beautiful and it almost looks like you have used 6 strands of Rowan Kidsilk Haze together.

On the other hand to be true it also sheds during knitting, caused by the construction of the yarn. But shedding occurred  only during knitting. And you will not like to unravel this yarn, as any other fuzzy yarn too.

Now let me introduce Gamma – the snood:

Gamma by Konrad Siebenhüter

Gamma by Konrad Siebenhüter

I have used shade Maple 001 for this design. To knit this snood I first used a provisional cast-on for joining both ends using a three-needle bind-off. The diamonds are formed by increasing and decreasing stitches so the sides of the snood are not straight but shows a subtle wave. It is long enough to loop it around your neck two times and it is wide enough to keep your ears warm.

I will show Gamma – the snood also next week on TV!

Yes, I will be on TV next Thursday January 22. A German television channel (Bayern 3) has invited me to talk about knitting, wool and more, isn’t this exciting? (Well unfortunately we will talk in German!)

The name of the show is “Wir in Bayern” (We in Bavaria) and will start at 3:30pm on BR3 (if you are able to watch  German TV) If you will follow the show on the internet, here is the link. If you missed it, you will be able to watch it here!

Gamma will also be available as a free pattern download (in English and German language), after the show. So stay tuned and watch this space!