You flow endlessly.
Over you your lights are beautiful—luminous and dark, moving and still, broken and whole.

In summer, columns of light—mottled by leaves.
In winter, the bleak light over farmland, the frosted-grey depth.
Today, in spring, lights dancing in and out of shadow—concealing and revealing.

In your course you are infinitely changing—neither crooked nor straight.
You fit your banks.
Running you are beautiful—slow in the deep pools—vociferous and fast in the shallows.

In private land you are hidden.
In public land you are open.
Beneath bridges you reflect back the faces of watchers.

In winter, you fill with water and become clouded.
You race between alders, pound through sluices, tumble over fords.
You wear a sullen expression.

In summer, you slow up and become limpid.
You display your weed in long floating trails.
You glitter past grazing cattle.

Then after long concealment your fish  appear—sparkling-sided, melting and merging, vanishing and visible.

River by Cameron Self

8 ~ Glaven by Lisa Richardson

Glaven by Lisa Richardson

Glaven by Lisa Richardson

This design by Lisa Richardson is knitted using Rowan Pure Linen and Rowan Creative Linen. It shows an interesting braid pattern on both front and back and also the sleeves. The cables are knitted holding one strand of both yarns together, whereas the background is knitted in Pure Linen alone.

I love this design for its unusual construction of cables.

Glaven by Lisa Richardson

Glaven by Lisa Richardson