Well I’m back from the UK, where I visited Holmfirth the home of Rowan Yarns and I have met some of the most inspiring and most generous people at the mill. But about this visit I will talk on another post.

Rowan Yarns has brought back the ever so famous Denim! Now under the name Original Denim!

Original Denim has the same characteristic as Rowan Denim. It shrinks in length after washing. The tension is also the same, so you are able to knit all the former patterns which are already available with this new Rowan Original Denim.

I have got a ball of this Original Denim and have played with it.

Remember my post of my Tru(e)ly Silken KAL with Kristen? Some of you have recommended I should knit cables, basket stitch and stripes in this design. Well I have taken your recommendations and knitted it with Original Denim.

Here is my swatch:

Swatch with Rowan Original Denim

Swatch with Rowan Original Denim

And no, it is not is not a cover for a hottie, but a swatch with different stitch patterns. It shows stripes, garter stitch, a basket pattern, cables and a rib. All knitted with the same amount of stitches!

The swatch is already washed. This yarn has a great stitch definition and the cable pattern and ribbing is truly amazing.

Rowan Yarns has also published a new brochure featuring the renaissance of this Denim yarn.

Denim - The Next Generation

Denim – The Next Generation

Denim – The Next Generation is featuring 7 designs by Martin Storey featuring this new yarn and shows designs for the whole family. The photos were taken at the Rowan Mill, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK and the models are friends and relatives of the Rowan team, including Martin Storey!

Breton Stripe Childrens

Breton Stripes for Children age 3 to 14 years

Breton Stripe Womens

Breton Stripe Womens

Fife  Mens

Fife Mens

Flint Guernsey Womens

Flint Guernsey Womens, shown here the cropped style

Flint Man & Leith Guernsey for Women

Flint Man, longer style & Leith Guernsey for Women

Leith Guernsey Mans

Leith Guernsey Mans

Pembroke Jacket

Pembroke Jacket

Flint Man & Leith Women

Flint Man, longer style & Leith Women

Flint (Childrens) - Penzance - Breton (Childrens, one colour)

Flint (Childrens) – Penzance – Breton (Childrens, one colour)

Sheerness Shirt Mans

Sheerness Shirt Mans

Sheerness Womens - Bretons Men

Sheerness Shirt Womens – Breton Stripes Men

Sheerness Childrens

Sheerness Shirt Childrens

Group Shot with the Kids

Group Shot with the Kids