You all know I’m living in Augsburg, an old city in the south of Germany. Augsburg was well-known for their fabrics, which were spun and woven here.


Weberhaus (House of the Weavers, the guildhall of the weavers of Augsburg, originally build in 1369)

In 1600 about 20% of the citizen of Augsburg were working as weavers.

Augsburg has had some spinning and weaving mills, producing yarn (cotton, wool) and fabric. There were also dye works, well know for their textile printing, until the end of the 20th century.

In 2010 the National Textile and Manufacture Museum of Bavaria (TIM) opened its doors on the former place of the AKS (Augsburger  Kammgarn Spinnerei) which was closed in 2004.

There is a rich history of producing yarn and fabric in the city I live in. And it was always hard work for the people who worked in the mills. Yesterday we have had a national holiday, Labour Day, and so I decided to do my very first spinning on a spindle.

I have bought some rolags at the 4th Backnanger Wollfest and a spindle.

Spindle from Georg Leichtlen and a rollag from Jessy's Spinnereien

Spindle from Georg Leichtlen and a rolag from Jessy’s Spinnereien

I need about 3 hours for this little amount of yarn on my spindle:

First yarn on spindle

First yarn on spindle

And here is my first single wound in a ball:

First single in ball

First single in ball

Well this is about 10g of fibre. I know it is not looking very good. It has different diameters and I guess too much twist in it, but it is my first attempt and I’m satisfied!

And it is addicting!