Today I want to show you, my modifications on Pond.

Here once again the original design by Marie Wallin.

Pond by Marie Wallin

Pond by Marie Wallin

And here a schematic of what I have modified:

Black Line = Original Red Line = Modification

Black Line = Original
Red Line = Modification

  1. Adding length
  2. Modification of waist shaping from hourglass to V-line
  3. Closer neckline

To 1: I have added length by knitting a broader hem and lengthen the lower body by adding rows before shoulder shaping.

To 2: I started with fewer stitches and skipped the decreases to shape the hourglass shape. Instead I only increased stitches to form the V-Line of the lower part of the body. This shape will narrow the hem and will give comfortable room for the chest.

To 3: I added some rows, before I divided the front for the neck-opening. This also changed the numbers of stitches to decrease in the first row and on the sides of the front opening, because I haven’t touched the wide of the neck-opening.

Front and back of Pond are already blocked and one sleeve is done. Next week I will show you some pictures of my progress.



Happy Knitting!

To see the progress of Kristen and read about what she is writing about shaping, check out here for her blog.