Finally Christmas Eve is here and the preparations for Christmas are done.

Herz Bauble

As usual I was at our market today to get the latest things for todays diner.

This year it will be very very traditionally. I will serve sausages and potato salad. It is common in Germany to have an easy to do dinner on Christmas Eve, cause the day is filled with decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping the gifts and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

And it is common in Germany to hand out the presents on Christmas Eve not on Christmas Morning. This is usually done after dinner. This is also the time the candles on the Christmas  tree were lit.

Bauble Bauble

I guess after handing out the presents, we will go out this year to meet some friends. But I’m not actually sure.

Tomorrow I will visit my parents and my sister at my parents home for lunch. This is also very traditionally. This year my sister will prepare the soup and I will prepare the dessert for lunch.

Christmas decoration Christmas decoration

But before all of the cooking and eating I have sew on a pompom on a hat for my sister, I have to finish Dhurrie, a present for my mother-in-law and last but not least I have to sew in the sleeves on my Christmas Sweater.

Youlgrave Youlgrave

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!