Kidsilk Amore & Amore Shimmer

Rowan has invited the Rowan Ambassadors in producing an accessory project using either Kidsilk Amore or Kidsilk Amore Shimmer. Rowan was so impressed with their designs that they have decided to feature them as an Online Collection.
All designs use just one ball of yarn and are quick to knit.

Piste by Cindi Brumpton

Piste by Cindi Brumpton

Piste by Cindi Brumpton
Picture courtesy by Cindi Brumpton

Piste by Cindi Brumpton is knitted on 20mm needles. It is knitted in stockinette stitch and is featuring earmuffs to protect you from chilly winds.

You may download the free pattern for Piste by Cindi Brumpton here.

To read more about the design, check here.

Rowan Ambassador Cindi also can be found on:

You may also read an introduction to Rowan Ambassador and Queen of Cables and Canadian Queen of Accessories Cindi Brumpton  at the Blog of Rowan Ambassador Anja Troschau (IamSnowfox).