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Cindi Brumpton, my fellow Rowan Yarns Ambassador has invented a scale for rating yarn.

I want all of you to know the CBS (Cindi Brumpton Scale):


~ inconsistent colour
~ not squeezeably soft
~ multiple joins in a skein
~ yarn that splits


~ consistent colour
~ squishy softness
~ wool glides easily over the needles and through my hands
~ yardage represents good value
~ easy to wind the skein into a ball
~ frogs well

Love 1

~ a density of colour
~ deliciously soft
~ clear stitch definition
~ lovely sheen finishing
~ attractive drape
~ generous yardage

Love 2

~ what is the pattern support for the yarn?
~ are the patterns interesting and edgy and cover many skill levels?
~ are there any free patterns available for the wool?

Love 3

~ a something extra that sets the yarn apart

Check it out!

To find out more about lovely Cindi Brumpton you may follow her blog PurlOne Design Yarn Knitting Patterns or you may read Purl Peterborough, a web-based newsletter created by Cindi Brumpton, to celebrate the diversity and depth of Peterborough’s knitting community and all the other amazing things happening in our international knitting world!

Happy knitting and rating with the CBS (Cindi Brumpton Scale)