The last two month have been very busy. But I also have found some time for knitting.

In May Rowan Yarns launched their new Fine Art Premium Sock Yarn and so this month was a really sock knitting month.


First I casted on Quail a design by Martin Storey published in Rowan Yarns Fine Art Collection.


Then I knitted a pair of socks designed by Stephanie van der Linden published in Around the World in Knitted Socks. This design uses short rows to form the pattern.


The third pair of socks knitted in May were simple stripe socks and I used the leftover yarn from Qual and In the Highlands.

Although I love to knit socks I want to knit something else after knitting three pair of socks in a row. The weather has been very bad in May. We have had rain every day and temperatures more like November than spring. So I go through my stash and picked up some balls of Rowan Yarns Lima to start Amos, a sweater I wanted to knit last year, but didn’t have the time to do.

Amos is published in Rowan Yarns Homestead Classics published in 2010. This publications is featuring 15 designs by Martin Storey.


I used shade 884 Cusco. Unfortunately the picture above is not really showing the stunning colour.

I knitted the back and one arm of this autumnal garment and the weather changed from late autumn to high temperatures. So I decided to go on with some more appropriate knitting and I started Ossie from Rowan Yarns Knitting & Crochet Magazine 53. By the way Rowan Yarns Lima Colour will be available soon. Rowan Yarns has taken Lima and added some subtle colour effects to create this yarn. It will be available in 5 stunning shades.

As this design by Marie Wallin has short sleeves, I decided to do not swatch, but start right with an arm as my swatch.


The arms and the back are in plain stockinette stitch in one colour, whereas the front will be knitted in fair isle technique.

Here are the shades I have used to knit the front:

Ossie Colours

And here is the result before blocking and weaving in ends.


Ossie has been block already and is waiting to be finished, as I wait for another ball of yarn to do so. I will post pictures when I have finished it on Facebook.

Happy knitting and have a great summer.


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