I started a new project. It’s Bute a design from Rowan Magazine 52. Now I’m almost ready and I am looking forward to block the arms of the cardigan. 

But suddenly I’m not sure, if I want to line it or not. 

To be true, it would be the first garment that I line with fabric. The reason why I want to line this project is, that the pattern calls for a lot of color changes and therefore a lot of ends to be worked in, although I darned the ends in during knitting. I guess a lining will improve the look of the cardigan when it is worn unbuttoned. 

I looked through the web and found some advice how to line a knitted garment, but I still have enough questions unanswered and I’m not really satisfied. So:

Have you ever lined a knitted garment with fabric? And how was the result? Which fabric has you used? And afterwards were you satisfied with the result?