Yesterday Rowan Yarns has published the seventh clue for the Pure Wool Worsted Knit-A-Long with Martin Storey.  This weeks pattern is called French Plait.

Week 7 - French Plait

Week 7 – French Plait

Look for the spanish translation Viovioletta has done here This time Martin suggested shades Satin and Breton for these 6 squares.

Rowan Pure Wool Worsted - Satin 116

Rowan Pure Wool Worsted – Satin 116

Rowan Pure Wool Worsted - Breton 147

Rowan Pure Wool Worsted – Breton 147


And there is also a YouTube video with Martin giving you more information about this week’s square design.

Here are the shades I selected for this seventh pattern of the Rowan Mystery KAL using Pure Wool Worsted with Martin Storey!

114 splash

114 Splash


122 plum

122 Plum


This time I needed a little bit more than 1 hour for 1 square! I have knitted my squares using 4mm needles as usual to get the correct tension.

Week 7 - French Plait - Splash 114

Week 7 – French Plait – Splash 114

Week 7 - French Plait - Plum 122

Week 7 – French Plait – Plum 122


Are you ready for the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Knit-A-Long?

There is no hurry!

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Happy knitting until next time for the eighth and last squares.

Remember to check out these washing and blocking instructions from Rowan:

Hi All, as your pile of Pure Wool Worsted squares are building up, here are some tips to ensure they’re ready for making up: 
We recommend an initial wash of each square, for blocking into shape. This will also remove excess dye. 
Remove excess water by rolling in a towel, and pin into shape (20cm x 20cm). 
Dry the squares flat and in the shade. When the squares dry, they should all be an even shape, ready for making up. 
This process is called blocking, and will mean the squares are a consistent shape for making up, and won’t run or bleed into the other shades when machine washing in the future. 
Any further issues, please contact